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About: GoMining: NFT mining backed by real company and hardware.

Still trying to figure out capital gains/losses from crypto for taxes? Try CoinLedger for FREE! using this link:

I used this last year (it was called cryptotrader then) and it was great! It automatically imports from most exchanges and wallets to figure your capital/gains and losses. It saved me a ton of money and time in preparing for income taxes. The paid version will even provides the reports you need to file for your income taxes for many countries.

They are also introducing a new Portfolio Tracker soon and you can join the waitlist using this link: Top waitlist subscribers will get the Portfolio Tracker for FREE and others will be able to get it for a deeply discounted price.

If you are like me where crypto is quickly turning from hobby to a serious income (especially as we come out of crypto winter), having good tracking tools are essential. Check out CoinLedger for FREE! now, there is nothing to loose and it will save you time and some coin!

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