Yescoiner BETA

Coin Flip Game

Guess if the flipped coin will return head or tail. If you guess it right, you will win 190%. The bet amount can be between 0.00000010 and 0.00150000 BTC. Good luck!

Provably FairThe result of the game is determined by using this formula:
if (the last digit of sha256(Game_seed+Client_seed) < 8) then HEAD, else TAIL.
Game_seed: --hidden--
sha256(Game_seed): b9684bed6dff6722227c6fa96b85165ae6c77f36b5b165ea7c2cd2dcdc3f7ea1

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Top 5 Highest Bets (24h)

timeAccountBetAmountResultAmount won
7h ago3125996HEAD0.00000270 BTCHEAD0.00000513 BTC
5h ago94921TAIL0.00000160 BTCTAIL0.00000304 BTC
9h ago1602396HEAD0.00000150 BTCTAIL-
13h ago1034477TAIL0.00000140 BTCTAIL0.00000266 BTC
4h ago1602396HEAD0.00000100 BTCHEAD0.00000190 BTC

Recent Games

timeAccountBetAmountResultAmount won
1m ago5160758TAIL0.00000022 BTCHEAD-
1m ago5160758TAIL0.00000030 BTCHEAD-
2m ago5160758TAIL0.00000010 BTCHEAD-
2m ago5160758TAIL0.00000010 BTCHEAD-
11m ago1034477TAIL0.00000018 BTCHEAD-
31m ago2166799TAIL0.00000010 BTCTAIL0.00000019 BTC
31m ago6374582HEAD0.00000010 BTCHEAD0.00000019 BTC
51m ago88823HEAD0.00000010 BTCHEAD0.00000019 BTC
2h ago5206332HEAD0.00000020 BTCHEAD0.00000038 BTC
2h ago8612529HEAD0.00000010 BTCTAIL-
2h ago8612529TAIL0.00000010 BTCHEAD-
2h ago8612529TAIL0.00000010 BTCTAIL0.00000019 BTC
2h ago4241566HEAD0.00000080 BTCHEAD0.00000152 BTC
2h ago4241566HEAD0.00000040 BTCTAIL-
2h ago4241566HEAD0.00000020 BTCTAIL-
2h ago4241566HEAD0.00000010 BTCTAIL-
2h ago6374582HEAD0.00000010 BTCHEAD0.00000019 BTC
2h ago521993TAIL0.00000015 BTCHEAD-
2h ago521993TAIL0.00000015 BTCHEAD-
2h ago521993TAIL0.00000015 BTCTAIL0.00000028 BTC
2h ago521993HEAD0.00000020 BTCTAIL-
2h ago521993HEAD0.00000010 BTCTAIL-
2h ago5160758HEAD0.00000010 BTCHEAD0.00000019 BTC
3h ago671304HEAD0.00000010 BTCHEAD0.00000019 BTC
3h ago468430TAIL0.00000010 BTCTAIL0.00000019 BTC
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