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About: Play Rollercoin: 0.00001000 BTC Signup Bonus
Rollercoin now has their own "tapper" app. Use the link above to sign up, tap your heart away to earn RCC (RollerCoin Community Token). Very soon RCC will be able to be used to purchase in game items in RollerCoin that will allow you to earn real Crypto such as BTC, ETH, TRX, DOGE. Us this link to start tapping:
If you haven't signed up for RollerCoin, use this link to earn a 0.00001000 BTC signup bonus:
Keep Tapping! is running their 200% referral bonus right now and I am sharing back 50% of all my commissions, with all those accounts linked to mine. I will do this several times throughout the day while the promotion is running. That means you will earn what I typically earn on commissions from your faucet and wagering activity. is the free faucet that awards up to $200 worth of BTC an hour. If you haven't signed up already, use my referral link and receive back 50% of the commission that I receive from your activity:
It's a great time to be a Rollercoin player. Rollercoin is the amazing play-to-earn mining simulator game that pays in real crypto. There are tons of events and 8-bit style mini-games to play, and a number of ways to earn the crypto of your choice. Build up your server room by doing tasks, participating in different events, or just playing mini-games. Rollercoin just celebrated it's 6th anniversary, and has over 4 million players. Season 13 is in midstream with an exciting railway theme with plenty of rail engine miners to earn that will mine you real crypto. It also has the best referral program in the play-to-earn industry. If you are not already signed up, us this link to earn 0.00001000 BTC signup bonus:
FireFaucet is celebrating their 6th Anniversary this month with plenty of bonus opportunities to earn the crypto of your choice. If you haven't already signed up, use this link:

Vibien brings another great feature to the Yescoiner community with Links Arena!!
It's an epic battle of Links! Click links each day to be entered into a drawing to win Satoshi. Upvote your favorite link with a bump! Purchase your own link to join the fray! May the best links (and Yescoiners) win!
I share ~35% of my commission with the users that join using my link. If you haven't signed up for Bitcoin faucet, what are you waiting for? This faucet pays between $0.002 and $200 USD in Bitcoin every hour that you click it. Additionally, the platform allows users to share their referral commissions with the users that sign up using a referral link, like the one above.

In 2023 I shared a total of over 0.01 BTC with users that signed up using my referral link:

That is over 1,000,000 Satoshi worth over $400 USD shared with people that simply joined with my link.

If you are already a user and your upline isn't sharing their commissions with you, why not close your existing account and rejoin with my referral link to get more BTC. I share ~35% of my commission EVERY week. Use this link to sign up:

Want to try your hand at mining real Bitcoin (BTC)? Check out GoMining:

This isn’t one of those “cloud mining scams” that we have all seen. GoMining is a real company that sells NFT miners that are backed by real hardware in 9 real data centers around the world located in Kazakhstan, Norway and UAE. They are also building data centers in the United States, Argentina, and Oman.

GoMining has been in business for over 6 years, and the data centers it operates have mined 2% of the total supply of BTC. They have strategic partnerships with hardware vendors like BITMAIN and Bitcoin Mining Council.

How it works once you create an account on their site, you can purchase NFTs (on Ethereum or Binance block chains) that represent real mining hash rate. You can purchase these NFTs on the GoMining site/app from primary and secondary marketplaces or other secondary markets such as OpenSea. Choose how you want your profits paid out (BTC or GoMining native token which can be used for additional purchases and fees at a discount). Each day you get a report of how much your NFTs mined with their hash rate, and the maintenance and electricity costs that get subtracted to yield your net profit. Your net profit will vary based on market and mining conditions as it is provided by the operation of real miners.

I have some mining rigs at home that I have bought used so have a little experience doing some mining. A decent used miner will set you back upwards of $1000 USD. The problem with used equipment is that it is difficult to keep it repaired and most older miners are inefficient. I’m lucky if I can net a few dollars a month of profit after I pay for power, and a dead hash board requires significant additional investment even repairing myself. The entry level GoMining NFT, which can be purchased for less than $30 USD, provides 1TH/s hash rate and the costs for maintenance and electricity fees are extremely low. Depending of course on the markets, it should pay for itself in a little over year. That is similar to what I have paid for used miner hash rate, but with much lower ongoing maintenance and electricity costs.

I’ve been burned in the past by fake cloud mining sites, I wouldn’t be writing about this if I didn’t believe there is a real opportunity to have some fun earning a little money with GoMining. Of course, do your own research on the GoMining website and others. Please use my referral link when sign up and make your first purchase, I will receive a 5% commission of your first purchase for the trouble of sharing my experience with GoMining.

2251611 (Bonlo) 7 months ago

Somebody pointed out, that as with many NFT collections, there are counterfeit GoMining NFTs being sold on OpenSea and other third-party marketplaces, in addition to real ones being sold. These fakes of course will not mine BTC. If you choose to purchase from these third party sites, make sure you verify the contract number on the NFTs.

Of course verified genuine GoMining NFTs can be purchased from the official GoMining Primary and Secondary Marketplaces:

This information is from the GoMining FAQ:

All NFT collections are issued on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard and on the BNB Smart Chain using the BEP-721 standard. NFTs are issued and distributed by BMINE.

Our NFTs are stored in the collections:

The Greedy Machines VOL_1 (

The Greedy Machines VOL_2 (

Khabib Collection (

The East Collection (

The North Collection (

Let me tell you about four great ways I mine real crypto from my phone...

COIN allows you to geomine with your phone coins using your GPS. You can earn coins even if you are just sitting at home, all day long. Once you earn enough coins, you can trade them for Bitcoin or XYO coin. There are other COIN earning opportunities such as watching or listening to short ads.

I've been talking about this one for a while now. You mine by checking in on your phone once a day. You can increase your mining rate by inviting friends or even just using Pi tools and participating in the community. It takes a while before you become eligible to have Pi transferred to your wallet, and Pi mainnet is currently closed (meaning it can't be exchanged for other coins) but open mainnet is expected probably in the next year or so and you can use Pi to barter goods right now on sites that are similar to eBay.

Okay, this one isn't technically really mining from your phone. It's a play-to-earn game system with fun retro mini-games that allows you to build a simulated data center of crypto miners. The miners produce "block rewards" that can be withdrawn as real Crypto. Honestly I find this on fun enough to pass time with even if there weren't a real crypto payoff, but the extra coins are a nice bonus.

Check these out, and let me know what you think!


FireFaucet is celebrating their 5th anniversary, with amazing opportunities to earn more crypto.
With 13 different coins to choose from (or why choose, start earning them all!!!) it's a fantastic time to sign up!

Are you mining Pi coin yet? The platform is taking the world by storm, and you can mine Pi for free with your phone, doesn't even drain your battery to do it.

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 35 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Bonlo) as your invitation code.

207320 1 year ago

I used your referral code for mine pi, I was wondering if you could request kyc for this user: @Flaviohmm

2251611 (Bonlo) 1 year ago

KYC is backlogged but they will eventually get to you. Make sure you have validated either your phone number or social media account. One thing about Pi is they are taking it very slow, so value is being gained like the very early days of bitcoin before the centralized exchanges. That means even though the coin has no real monetary value, people are starting to barter with it. The more it is bartered with the more value it will gain organically.

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