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Like Yescoiner? Take a moment and read my unsolicited testimonial…

Vibien has done a fantastic job of putting up a simple functional blog and faucet site that is building a community that cares about it. With the recent addition of the option to donate to the faucet, it gives us an opportunity to grow our community. The more we support Yescoiner with providing a wide variety of blog content, by purchasing text ads, and of course, donating to the faucet, the more that can be paid out on the faucet to attract new users and grow our community.

I want to share that the text ads below the navigation panel have driven hundreds of people to my links and are one of the most effective traffic tools I’ve found for generating high quality leads. I encourage you to place an ad and see for yourself. Can’t place an ad right now, try a few of the links.

To encourage other to contribute towards funding the growth of the community, for every new text ad I see placed over the next week, I will donated 5,000 satoshi to the faucet, until my balance (about 50,000 satoshi) is depleted. I challenge LEADER333, Come2me, and Paokfc to do the same and match my contributions to the faucet. Everyone else, I challenge you to partially match my contribution as well. Let's have some fun with it!

Let’s see how much we can make this community grow!

While we are at it, please check out Vibien’s other fine sites: and

Well done Vibien! I'm looking forward to seeing what new features will be added in the future!

1000 (Vibien) 8 months ago

Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you are happy about the ads effectiveness.
While I don't have that much free time (Yescoiner is more like a hobby for me), I am slowly working on improving Yescoiner whenever I can.

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