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About: Check out the best Play2Earn Retro Style Games:
If you are not playing RollerCoin yet, you really need to check it out. RollerCoin rewards players with real crypto by playing retro style mini-games and collecting miners to run in your virtual data center.
I've been playing for 12 months now, reinvesting my earning as I go and am currently being rewarded with $30 USD a day worth of SOL.
You get to choose which real crypto you mine and if you want to reinvest in more miners, withdraw the real crypto to any wallet, or store the crypto in the RollerCoin wallet to decide later.
It is free to get started by signing up, and there are a huge number of "free-to-play" players earning real crypto every 10 minutes that it takes to mine a virtual "block".
Use my referral code to get a 1000 satoshi real bitcoin bonus:
One of the great things about the faucet platform is the ability to share back a portion of the commissions to those down line helping you earn them. I've always shared my commissions... For the next 10 days, I will be sharing 100% of my commissions back. If you haven't tried the faucet, now is a great time to get these bonus earnings.
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Another great faucet: TrustDice
Choose from 6 different Cryptos: EOS, BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, TXT
Pays every 6 Hours:
0.0016 EOS
0.00000106 BTC
0.00002016 ETH
0.0432 USDT
0.0432 USDC
3.36 TXT

TXT is the TrustDice coin that pays you a portion of their revenue every day. I've held TXT that I've earned on the faucet and exchanged for over the last 6 months which has added to the other crypto I've been HODLing.

Give it a try!

With crypto prices on the rise (Bitcoin and others could go 10x or more in the coming months), it's time to grab every Satoshi you can. Here are my favorite faucets (other than Yescoiner):

1. -
2. FireFaucet -
3. PipeFlare -
4. Cointiply -
5. Satoshi Hero -
6. FaucetCrypto -
7. FunCryptoFaucet -

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Like Yescoiner? Take a moment and read my unsolicited testimonial…

Vibien has done a fantastic job of putting up a simple functional blog and faucet site that is building a community that cares about it. With the recent addition of the option to donate to the faucet, it gives us an opportunity to grow our community. The more we support Yescoiner with providing a wide variety of blog content, by purchasing text ads, and of course, donating to the faucet, the more that can be paid out on the faucet to attract new users and grow our community.

I want to share that the text ads below the navigation panel have driven hundreds of people to my links and are one of the most effective traffic tools I’ve found for generating high quality leads. I encourage you to place an ad and see for yourself. Can’t place an ad right now, try a few of the links.

To encourage other to contribute towards funding the growth of the community, for every new text ad I see placed over the next week, I will donated 5,000 satoshi to the faucet, until my balance (about 50,000 satoshi) is depleted. I challenge LEADER333, Come2me, and Paokfc to do the same and match my contributions to the faucet. Everyone else, I challenge you to partially match my contribution as well. Let's have some fun with it!

Let’s see how much we can make this community grow!

While we are at it, please check out Vibien’s other fine sites: and

Well done Vibien! I'm looking forward to seeing what new features will be added in the future!

1000 (Vibien) 2 months ago

Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you are happy about the ads effectiveness.
While I don't have that much free time (Yescoiner is more like a hobby for me), I am slowly working on improving Yescoiner whenever I can.

Today as a holiday gift I shared 50,000 satoshi with my referrals on 🚰🚰 that used my link to signup:
That totals 100,000 that I have shared in the last three months, on average each referral receiving 20% of their base faucet earnings as a bonus from me. Happy Holidays!
(If your upline isn't sharing back some of his referral commission, maybe it is time to create a new account using my link:

Check out...💎💰🚰Satoshi Hero🚰💰💎
Free spin worth between 3 and 250,000 Satoshi every 30 minutes...
Low Withdrawal Minimums: 30,000 Satoshi Direct BTC wallet, 10,000 Satoshi FaucetPay wallet

The Hottest Free2Play - Play2Earn TCG Game on the Internet: Gods Unchained
Earn 10 $GODS tokens (About $2-$3 USD) signup bonus for creating an account and reaching level 6.

LiveMiner Token (LMT)
LiveMiner Token is a TRON fungible token that uses "Proof of Human Work" to mine. Draw pictures in the app to earn LMT. The app also also has a faucet and staking options.

🈂️Pi Network Mainnet is now live! Get your Pi today. Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 35 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Bonlo) as your invitation code.

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