Yescoiner BETA

Account 384092 (CryptoLover)


Enjoy the free crypto!

Free doge faucet (5 min faucet):

Free doge mining (0.025 min whitdrawel):

Share the coins around, earn passive income!
✨✨💰💰 Earn crypto was never so easy as browsing!✨✨💰💰

Browser extension that pays for watching ads:

==> payment proofs while solo using it:

✨✨💰💰 For Brave users I have the following paying faucets, you can also use another browser but you lose extra bonusses
💥💥 ZEC -> payout after claim to your wallet)
💥💥 ZEC & MATIC -> (pay out once a week)
💥💥 Horizen token -> (insta payout after claim to your wallet)

All other browser:

✨✨💰💰 Multicoin faucet with no required deposit for Withdrawal✨✨💰💰
✨✨💰💰 Fun game with Multi coin withdrawel ✨✨💰💰

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