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Hi all!
Now every account can write a blog on Yescoiner. You can write about yourself, about recommended websites or anything else. I will be writing (mostly) about recent updates to Yescoiner.

What is coming next? I am working on adding some kind of likes/votes, so that it is possible to recognize the most useful posts.

62618 2 months ago


79277 (Faucetpay) 2 months ago

Good luck ★ yescoiner team

20079 2 months ago

Thank you yescoiner for bringing something new in the faucet world. Is it possible that we can have other faucets in your site? godblesz the faucetsz....

44162 (Kariana89) 2 months ago

Nice faucet yescoiner n simple fiture

1000 (Vibien) 2 months ago

@20079: I am not saying no, but currently the focus is on improving the website and bringing more advertisers. With more advertisers, the existing faucet will be able to pay more per claim.

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