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Hi All,
FaucetPay withdrawals has been sent. Still working on withdrawals to Bitcoin and Polygon.
Apologies for the delays.

525750 4 months ago

2023-12-15 19:43:15 0,00001014
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3K35SY2yKu2cgoboaXyU9RtHZen4c4eiVq в ожидании
Мой вывод висит уже очень давно! Прошу ускорить вывод средств.

7234615 (RaidZero) 4 months ago


We love you. Thanks for the community faucet,

Please keep up the good work <3

176509 4 months ago edited

Hi..please help me WD still pending..more than 7 days..tq....THANKS MY WD FINALLY LANDING..I LIKE IT

1000 (Vibien) 3 months ago

comment deleted by the post's author

1000 (Vibien) 3 months ago

comment deleted by the post's author

5240301 (Kuso4ek) 3 months ago

Hello! Can you please tell me when will the funds be withdrawn to FaucetPay? The payment has been pending for a long time... Thanks for the answer!

1000 (Vibien) 3 months ago

I am just in the middle of sending the withdrawals. Should be finished within an hour.

2118598 (miQue) 2 months ago

My withdrawal still pending more than 48 hours. Is yescoiner sill paying?

Привет, вывод весит неделю через сеть полигон, почему? Ведь эта сеть тратит секунду и она не перегружен? Кран нерабочий?

1000 (Vibien) 2 months ago

2118598, 4976204: normally withdrawals are sent within 7 days. That was also the case for your requests.

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