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Discover the youtube channel Natureza Musical, a musical channel with images of nature. See some reptiles you will see on the channel.
The tortoise that is part of a group of reptiles characterized by a shell. The 14 testudinate families to which they belong add up to around 356 species.
Chameleons belong to the Chamaeleonidae family. These animals are distinguished from other lizards by the ability that some species have to change color among others.
The Komodo dragon belongs to the monitor lizard family and is the largest known species of lizard.
Crocodilians or crocodile are reptiles of the order crocodylia, in which there are 24 living species and numerous fossils.

Natureza Musical a youtube channel that shows images of nature accompanied by music. In the discretion information about each animal.
Below the link to some videos of mammals from the channel.

Otter animal of the carnivorous order that lives in rivers where it seeks food such as fish, crustaceans and reptiles.

Fox, small and medium-sized omnivorous mammals that belong to several genera of the canidae family.

Dolphin, expert swimmers who can jump up to several meters above the water, swim at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour and dive to great depths.

Rhinoceros, a large mammal of the family Rhinocerontidae, which occur in Africa and Asia.

Hippopotamus, a large herbivorous mammal from sub-Saharan Africa.

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