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First up is cryptowin. Here is a Faucet, PTS's, Miltiplying game and YES INTEREST ON YOUR BTC. 0,7% DAILY

Secondly we have free-litedcoin. This is a faucet with a difference. There is an hourly Faucet, Multiplying game and a 10% yearly interest on all LTC held on site paid out daily.

Here are 2 sites I used to GROW my CRYPTO PASSIVELY. These site has faucets as well so if you do not have the crypto you can earn them here.
Crypto win pays a daily interest of 0,7% on BTC
Free Litecoin pays a interest on LTC of 10% year. This site works on compounding interest and pays out daily.

Hi everyone. I see here a good faucets this blog. After collecting bitcoin satoshi's I found it difficult to let them grow. In my search I found this website which pays out 0.7% daily interest on my satoshi's. The site gives you free withdrawal and deposit to faucet pay, which made it extremely easy to move everything. The withdrawal and deposit is almost instant, longest I have waited was 10 min. So I will put the link down below for any interested party.

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